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Recommended Products for Wood Floors

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Special service required to restore a "cleanable" surface

If you are struggling to get back to clean, it is possible what looks like dirt may be damage and may require some special attention in the form of a specialty cleaner or a service. Mold, Soap Scum, and Cleaner-deposited-Waxes will generally require more attention than a daily cleaner will be able to provide. If you found your situation in the images above, you already know what is needed to restore a “cleanable” surface.

If you are already aware of the importance of using a non-damaging cleaner designed to clean without creating these common avoidable situations then you are looking for MARBLELIFE’s Tile & Grout Cleaner and Concentrates.

If neither applies – call MARBLELIFE – our trained professionals – have encountered it all before as the only company that provides specialty clean-and-restore services and has been formulating and deploying non-damaging cleaners for more than 30 years, we are uniquely qualified to address your “frustrations,” and to assist in returning you to a cleanable surface, and then helping you keep it there with the right cleaning solutions.

KNOW YOUR TERMS – this can facilitate selection of the correct tool or product.

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Know you terms – this can facilitate selection of the correct tool or product.

  • Cleaners are designed to remove everything from the surface without depositing waxes or oils.
  • Polishes are designed to smooth the surface in order to better reflect light. These are not coatings designed to lay on the surface but being softer than stone wear and fail, but rather a polish seeks to smooth the hard stone surface for maximum longevity.
  • Sealers (penetrating) are designed to fill in grout pores to prevent dirt and stain from penetrating, but not to lay on the surface (topical).
  • Specialty Cleaners are designed to address special situations which exist once, until we address it, so you can return to a cleanable surface. So Maxout is designed to lift dirt and oils out of pores. Soap Scum is engineered specifically to cut through soap or burnt on grime to restore a soap and grime free surface to a cleanable one.

MARBLELIFE products therefore use no acids, no waxes or oil deposits.

ONCE YOU HAVE RESTORED A CLEANABLE SURFACE, HERE ARE THE SURFACE-SAFE PRODUCTS YOU WILL NEED TO MAINTAIN YOUR CLEANABLE SURFACE WITHOUT RE-DAMAGING IT (Yes – the most common reason that a surface cannot be cleaned is that it has been damaged by either the cleaner or another cause. 20% of our restoration work is do to use of an inappropriate cleaner.) Note, No cleaner will restore a clean appearance until the above issues are addressed. MARBLELIFE can do that, and can provide you the surface safe products you need.

Non-Damaging Cleaners

These products have been formulated to avoid damaging ingredients that can destroy or hide your CLEANABLE surface.

Wood & Laminate

MARBLELIFE Wood & Laminate Wood Cleaner are formulated for easy cleaning of dirt, oils and greases from your wood floor surfaces, without depositing misguided waxes. Eliminate the waxes and we reduce waxes tendency to capture dirt, to scuff and to create haze over time.

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